Spirit Week 2015

Hi Everybody!

It’s almost Winter Formal! You know what that means… Spirit Week! January 12th-16th all Freshman and Upperclassman can take part in dressing up or dressing down for different fun and exciting categories each day of the week!

*This is mostly a freshmen-oriented event. Students on the FAU campus are not required to participate, but may do so if they please. Teachers and faculty may also participate.

Click below for the schedule!

Pajama Monday 01/12

Everybody hates Mondays! Wear your comfiest PJs for this day.

Tacky Tourist Tuesday 01/13

It’s Florida and we all know what one of those tourists look like, so put on your ugliest Hawaiian shirt and smother your nose in sunscreen for this day!

Alternate Reality Wednesday 01/14

Think about yourself. Your personality, your habits, your wardrobe. Now think about the exact opposite of that. Dress as your alternate universe self for this day!

Twin Thursday 01/15

Grab your best buddy or your nearest class look-alike and wear the same clothes for a day…on purpose!

FAU Friday 01/16

You’re here at FAU High for a reason! Dress as your dream job or wear clothing relating to your major for this day. As they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.


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