2015 Girls’ Basketball Senior Night



Hey, guys! Bring your friends and classmates this Friday after school for a night of fun and spirit! Click below for details.


All FAUHS students are invited to attend the Girls’ Basketball Senior Night game.

PLEASE NOTE: Students should wear FAUHS colors or merchandise.


This event is on January, 23rd, 2015.

The fan bus will leave from the high school building at 5:00 PM. The bus will also return students to the high school at approximately 7:30 PM.


The fan bus will take all eligible students to Grandview Preparatory School for the basketball game and ceremony.


In order to become eligible to take the fan bus to the event, students must fill out and turn in the permission slip below. Please turn in all physical copies to Coach Feit. Students may turn in the form on the day of the event before boarding the fan bus.

Digital copies should be emailed directly to Coach Feit at kfeit@fau.edu OR Raisa Karim at rkarim2013@fau.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents or guardians may take students to and from the event. In this case, a permission slip is not needed. If a student wishes to take the fan bus to the event, but leave with a parent or guardian, a permission slip is required.



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