Field Day is back! 02/13

Hellooooo FAU High!

Field Day had finally been rescheduled! Pray to the weather gods to give us good weather next Friday, February 13th, 2015, especially from 9:00am to 2:30pm. You guys will finally be able to experience FAU High’s very FIRST Colorful Run (We changed the name for legal purposes)! Below is a lengthy post with all the information you need to know about Field Day. We can call it “The Field Day Syllabus” and like all professors do, I will blame the reason for its lengthiness on you. Please read through it before asking questions.


  • We will be having eight super fun activities 9:30am – 10:50am:
    • River Jump
    • Tug of War
    • Musical Chairs
    • Water Can Relay
    • Basketball Shoot off
    • Water Balloon Sling Shot
    • Tarp Flip
    • Rainbow Run
  • Capture the flag tournament (revised) 11:00am – 12:00pm
  • lunch* (beef, veggie, and turkey burgers, chips and soda) 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • Colorful Run 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

*Please make sure to bring cash for lunch!


In order to participate in the colorful run, you will need to purchase a Colorful Run Runner’s Bib from Mrs. Adam (HS Building room 114) for $5. We accept cash and checks (made out to ADHUS PTO). All payment has to be given to Mrs. Adam! Please do not turn anything in to the front office. If you have already purchased a bib, you are still the rightful owner of your bib number! 🙂 If you have lost your rightfully owned bib, please email Maria Nardy, at to get your bib reprinted. We recommend you wear all white clothing so the color powder really shows. We strongly encourage fun items such as knee high socks, colorful headbands, and tutus. THE COLOR POWERED WILL STAIN YOUR CLOTHES! SGA will have white shirts on backup if needed.


All freshmen will remain on the teams that they were originally on. Please refer to the attached PDF to see what team you are on. Teams have been arranged at random to avoid a team having an advantage (cough cough last year’s green team). SGA will be sending out a team roster to everyone on the team with an assigned color, a week before field day. This will allow the team to pick a leader, choose a team name, and choose who will be starting at each activity. Failure to divide teams into groups (for activities) will result in SGA dividing the team up.

The Google Docs that were sent out last time are still in play. All upperclassmen are going to be reassigned to teams. Therefore, they will not be assigned to a Google Doc up until the week before Field Day.

The Google Docs rules are as follows: You will soon receive a link to a Google Doc that you can use to choose which activity to START at and also pick a team name. You will only have access to the Google Doc of your according team. Also, please your FAU e-mails when logging in to the Google Docs. Begin by putting your name under the activity you’d like to begin Field Day at. You will still participate in the rest of the activities. The Google Doc will simply allow SGA to organize everyone. Please try to divide the team equally. This document is shared with the entire team, therefore, you will be able to see who picked what activity.

Note: YOU CAN ONLY START IN ONE ACTIVITY. Unless… you can divide into two halves, or multiple parts.

If this doc is not completed by Thursday, Feb. 12th  at 7:00pm, SGA will complete it for you. This also means that if the team is not divided up equally, we will move people into different activities.

Please do not freak out if you notice that your name is not on a team roster, simply keep calm and email Maria Nardy, at to be placed on a team. We pull a list from online and sometime technology is not our friend and names are missed.


If you are an upperclassmen (10-12 graders) please sign up to participate in field day at the link below. You are able to sign up for specific time slots if you are not able to attend field day from 9:00am – 2:30pm. You will not be able to participate in field day if you do not sign up!


  • 9th graders will not be having a regular class schedule, therefore, you do not need to bring your backpack.

  • You do need CASH for lunch, if you plan on buying the Field Day grilled lunch from PTO.

  • It is recommended you wear comfortable, yet still appropriate P.E./Workout clothes. Even if you decide that you do not want to participate in this SUPER FUN event, you will still be outside for the entire day.

  • Free water will be provided, but feel free to bring in your water bottles.


If you truly decide that you do not want to participate in Field Day but you want to help out, please fill out the volunteer sign up below. If you have any parents that would like to help out, they can sign up as well. Please remind them that they will still have to sign in with the front office the day of. Volunteer duties will be assigned and emailed one week before Field Day so that everyone knows what they are expected to do.

Please feel free to email Maria Nardy (, Eman Rahman ( or Mrs. Adam (


FAU High School Student Government Association


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