Senior Breakfast Crowning Ceremony!

Senior Shirts 2
Hello guys hope everyone’s summer is going well!

We have officially gotten our shirts approved and attached is the final product. We are hoping to be able to make more shirts with new designs throughout our senior year, depending on how well these shirts sell.

Also, we are excited to announce that a Senior Breakfast Crowning Ceremony is on its way! It is scheduled for Saturday, August 29 from 9AM-11AM, so be sure to save the date.

At this party you will receive the shirt(s) you ordered, a crown that you will personalize, and breakfast food! Breakfast foods will be ordered from Einsteins, Dunkin Donuts and Publix. We will also provide Sharpies, glitter glue and other decorating materials to personalize your Senior Crown!

The Senior Shirts and Senior Breakfast Crowning Ceremony will only cost a total of $15.00. Keep in mind, this will cover the cost for shirts, decorating supplies, AND delicious food! Payments will be accepted online for your convenience until Sunday, August 16th at 11:59PM. See payment instructions below to make sure your order goes through correctly.

Payment Instructions:
1. Go onto the FAU High School website at
2. Click on the “Students/Parents” link in the top.
3. Click on the “Pay Fees Online” link in the column on the left hand side of the page.
4. Click on “iPads, Field Trips, Misc. (lost items, uniforms) [1]”.
5. Click on “FAUS iPADS, Field Trips, Misc. (Lost Items & Uniform Fees)”.
6. Type in “15.00” in the “Amount ($)” box and click “Add to Cart”.
7. Type in “Senior Crowning Breakfast 8/29” under “Reason For Payment”.
8. Type “SGA” under “Teacher to Report Payment to:”.
9. Type in your T-shirt size under “Other Necessary Information”.*
10. Fill in all other required information and complete payment.
*It is important to indicate your size so you can receive the correct shirt size (adult sizes – small to xl).

If you would like to order an additional shirt, add an additional $10.00 to the order (total: $25.00). Also, specify the different sizes under “Other Necessary Information” in parenthesis. Example: (1S & 1L).

This is our first exclusive senior event and you won’t want to miss it!

Thank you for reading through all this information and we’re looking forward to making our senior year great! If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to email any of us!

Have an amazing rest of your summer,
Sylvia Frydman (
Devin Weinberg (
William LaBovick (

Senior Shirts


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