Class Shirts!

SGA would like to welcome you to take part in a new tradition at FAU High School. For the first time ever, SGA is selling Class T Shirts to the entire student body!

Since students have been requesting FAU High merchandise for years, we wanted to make this exciting release even more special. So, SGA has chosen Open Mic Night to be the location for Class Shirts pick up which will take place on February 19!!! (Click here for more OMN info) There, we encourage you to wear your shirt and rep your grade color for a glow in the dark battle of the classes with non-stop music and karaoke. Sharpies will be available to have your shirt signed by others. While it is not necessary to purchase a shirt to come to the event, we encourage that you consider ordering one so you can join in the signing party.

Sales are now open! Shirts will exclusively be sold online through the A.D. Henderson web store for $12 each. Once sales close on February 5 at 11:59PM, you will never be able to get this limited design again, so act fast!

Payment Instructions:
1. Go onto the FAU High School website at
2. Click on the “Fee Payment” tab on the top right.
3. Click on “Class Trip, Competition, iPad, Uniform, Misc. items [1]”.
4. Click on “Class Trip, Competition, iPad, Uniform, Misc. items”.
5. Type in “12.00” in the “Amount ($)” box and click “Add to Cart”.
6. Type in “Class Shirts” under “Reason For Payment”. (Make sure you specify what grade you are in)
7. Type “SGA” under “Teacher to Report Payment to:”.
8. Type in your T-shirt size under “Other Necessary Information”.*
9. Fill in all other required information and complete payment.
*It is important to indicate your size so you can receive the correct shirt size (adult sizes – small to xl).


If you have any questions about payments or Open Mic Night feel free to contact Raquel Dumé (

We hope to see you at Open Mic Night wearing your class shirt!


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