Prom 2017 and our FIRST Promposal Contest!


Prom Poster (1)

Hello Juniors and Seniors!

Prom tickets are officially on sale, which means it is officially prom season at FAU High School!

Our spectacular Prom is going to be on Saturday, May 6th from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM at The Loft at Congress, which is one of the best venues in Boca!
In case you don’t know, The Loft at Congress is located at:
530 NW 77th St
Boca Raton, FL 33487
There are 2 options to buy Prom tickets this year:
Option 1
Price: $70
Date: February 24th – March 23rd
Option 2 
Price: $75
Due date: March 24th – April 8th
Tickets will be on sale until April 8th, but there will be a $5 increase in tickets starting on March 24th, so buy your tickets as soon as possible! A full, seated dinner is included in the ticket price. Check out the attached file for payment instructions, as well as a permission slip that must be turned in to Mrs. Adam no later than April 14th.

Finally, FAU High School will be having our first official Promposal contest this year!

To be eligible, any student may “prompose” to any other student, even if you are not “dating.” This means you may prompose to your friends. However, if you do win the contest, you will have to take whomever you promposed to as your date to prom. Any student from FAUHS may also prompose to a student who does not attend FAUHS. If you win the promposal contest, you will win a ticket for yourself and your guest.

You may begin to submit your promposals from now until March 10th here: You may submit an individual picture or video, as well as an Instagram and other social media posts. Please make sure that your promposal is public if you decide for submit a social media link or post. For example,  if you submit an Instagram post, you will have to keep your profile public until March 19th. All submissions must be no longer than one minute in length.

From March 13th  – March 20th, freshmen and sophomores will be sent all of the promposals and they will vote on which promposal deserves to win 2 prom tickets. This way, the entire school can be involved in our prom, and we can eliminate some biases.

The winners of the promposal contest will be notified on March 20th, giving those who do not win the contest approximately three weeks to buy a prom ticket.

If you have any questions, please contact Gilliann Minviel ( or Amrita Ghaness (

May the best promposal win and we hope to see you at prom this year!


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