Open Mic Night 2018!

Hello Everyone!

SGA will be hosting its third annual Open Mic Night on Friday, February 23rd! This year we’re hosting a performers’ session, an ALL NEW lip sync battle session, and a karaoke session! This is NOT an event you want to miss!

WHEN & WHERE Friday, February 23 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM in the High School courtyard/picnic table area. Bring blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy this Neon Night concert style layout!

ADMISSION Admission is FREE! Owl cards are required for entry.

FOOD Food and drinks are also FREE. This year we will be offering pizza and popcorn to enjoy the show!

WHO CAN PERFORM? Anyone who wants to perform can perform! We will have 15 available 5-minute performance spots that you can sign up for within the first 30 minutes of the event!

WHO CAN LIP SYNC? Anyone! We will be offering slots for the lip sync battles during the first 30 minutes of the event. SLOTS ARE LIMITED. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. You can either sign up with someone and choose your desired songs OR sign up individually and be paired with someone randomly!

WHAT CAN I PERFORM? ANYTHING! If you want to sing, get up there and sing to your heart’s content, if you want to recite poetry, go ahead!  We will provide you with microphones, speakers, music stands, an aux cord, and a guitar cord. Be creative and showcase your talents! However, we ask that you keep your performance acts school appropriate. If you have any questions about performing, email us.